Bulk Communication


A handy bulk communication tool that can send Bulk SMS, E-Mail, FAX and interactive calls. A feature rich and ideal solution for marketing campaigns, opinion polls, political campaigns, awareness campaigns etc.


  • Unified Platform - Groups can be created or uploaded. ConVox presents Unified Interface to send E-Mail, SMS, FAX or Call to these groups.
  • IVRS Message - Calls can play the pre-recorded message and take the user input as digits.
  • Extension Transfer - Softphone/ IP-Phone or analog extensions can be taken from BCT. Connected calls can be transferred to these extensions on a particular key press by called person.
  • Anywhere Access - Web browser based access for easy configuration and management.
  • Scheduler - - Scheduler allows you to schedule your voice and text message starting at preset time. This helps in sending regular message like Daily Alerts or Birthday Wishes without manual interventions.
  • Templates and Voice Files - Templates can be maintained for SMS and E-Mail communication. Picture and Voice Files can be organized for Fax and Voice communication.
  • Multi-campaign - Can operate multiple calling lists and multiple campaigns at a time.
  • Calling List - System can upload excel sheets in csv format for calling list.
  • Auto Recycle - Automatic Re-Cycling of Busy, No Answer, Answering Machine responses. Maximum number of re-tries can be specified.
  • Auto Answer Handling - Answering Machine (85 %+) and Fax detection. Message can be played on answering machine detection.
  • Live Status Display - Live display of Dialing Channel (PRI Lines/ VoIP Channels) Status


Main Screen Dump Report

Setup Diagram

Figure - Bulk Communication Tool sending voice and text messages 5.1 Setup Description

5.1.1 BCT Server
This is the central component of the system. A CTI card is fitted in the PCI slot of the system. CTI card provides following functionality.

  • Intelligent Out Bound Calling
  • Receive Calls
  • IVRS
  • Keeping track of calling channels

BCT Server is a Linux OS based system with MySQL as backend database. All the user interfaces are web based and can be accessed by any PC in IP network with server.
  • Configuration and Management
  • Line Status Display
  • We based interface for Calling List Upload
  • System Reports

  • 5.1.2 ISDN PRI Lines
    Two pairs of copper wires, connected with modems at the operator and the customer end. CTI card in the server is connected with the modem using an ISDN PRI cable.

    5.1.3 GSM Connectivity
    GSM Connectivity is given in the setup to use GSM SIM cards as communication channels to push the voice calls.

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