A unified IP-PBX/Soft PBX system with Call, Chat, Fax, SMS and E-Mail Integration, Combining the strength of high end traditional features like Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Conference and Call Barge-in with the most modern features like Address book maintenance, SMS, click to call, Chat with other extensions, Fax and E-Mail etc. ConVox PBX supports unlimited interoffice calls on IP Networks with seamless remote extensions. Unlimited IP based extensions can be given on LAN/WAN with Analog/ Softphone/ USB Phone and IP-Phones.


Extension Manager

  • SMS- Send SMS to individual or group
  • Manage Contacts- Create and maintain contacts and groups.
  • FAX- Send and receive FAX by Downloading or Uploading TIFF file.
  • E-Mail- Send Mail to individual or groups.
  • Chat- Easy access to Chat with other extensions.
  • Click 2 Call- You can initiate the call by clicking the number listed in contacts or call logs.
  • Voice Mail - Access, play and download the voice message left for your extension. Record personal greetings, busy and noanswer messages.
  • Access Call Logs and Recordings;- You can check your call logs and record your conversation.
  • Call forwarding forwarding- Set the call forwarding conditions for Busy forwarding, no answer forwarding or unconditional forwarding.
  • Follow Me Me- User can set the follow me options up to 8 levels. This will allow next available number to be called till some number answers the call.

IP-PBX Administration

  • Status Display - PBX Statuses like and Trunks and Extensions status. Server statuses like Memory, Processor Usage and Hard Disk Usage.
  • Extensions Management - Create Extensions and extension users through GUI. Define Generic settings (policies) and specific setting for extensions.
  • Trunks - Configure Analog, PRI and VoIP (SIP) type of trunks.
  • Inbound call Routing Routing - Configure Auto Attendant with different greetings based on time of the day and day of the week. Route your calls based on the callers response to Auto attendant. Calls can directed to extension, extension group or Operator. Configure Multiple Greetings for different trunk lines, DID number called and caller ID. Route calls to external cell phone. Voice file can be played based on the DID number called, caller ID.
  • Outbound Calls - Configure the Trunk selection based on Prefix dialed. Setting caller ID for outbound calls.
  • IVR- Create the call flow for IVR to direct your Incoming calls. IVRS can be created/ configured using GUI.
  • Call Data Reports - Get the complete Call Data Reports for all incoming and outgoing calls from system.
  • Global Contacts and Groups - Create the admin level contacts and groups, which are available to all the users of the system.
  • Password Protection - Secured PBX system with password protected access for Admin and all the users.


Administration Interface Extension Manager

Setup Diagram

Enabling Communication Applications