Outbound Features

Outbound Features

Predictive and Preview Modes ConVox can be configured for preview and predictive outbound dialing mode. These are two different modes of auto dialing, which can be chosen based on the business case.

CRM Configuration and Selection CRM can be designed and selected for each outbound process. When call lands on the agent desk(in predictive or preview mode). System pops-up the same CRM.

Lead List (Calling Number) Management Multiple lists can be uploaded for single process. System shows real time statuses like number of leads, to be dialed and dialed leads. Lists can be activated, deactivated on the fly based on process requirements.

Lead Re-Attempts This feature allows automatically set the number of call attempts for failed calls in a list. User can select dispositions and number of re-attempts and time interval.

Auto-WrapUp A Process can be cofigured for number of seconds for Auto Wrap-up. After the call finishes, agents will automatically become available for next call after configured number of seconds.

Multiple number dialing (chasing) Feature to define multiple (upto 5) phone numbers for a single lead. System will keep trying the next phone number if primery number is not connected.

DND feature allows to upload the list of numbers which are not to be called. Agents can also dispose a call as DND so that it is not called next time. However, for national DND lists, it is recommended to scrub the DND numbers, before uploading the lists.

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