Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

is automatic telephone dialing software that dials from a list of numbers and turns the call over to an agent when the person at the other end responds. Extremely popular, Predictive Dialers are used by businesses to increase sales, live contacts, or collections.

Considered to be more versatile as the phone dialer automatically calls several numbers and passes a call to an agent only when a person has been contacted by Human Voice Detection technique. This eliminates the need to continuously dial phone numbers. This way, only the genuine prospect leads can be found out and acted upon.

Deepija Telecom offers a range of Predictive Dialers that allows you to intelligently adjust dial rate to minimize the time agents spend waiting between conversations. This in turn leads to increase in calls that are effective and worthwhile resulting in less time wastage and greater optimization of work productivity


• Preview, power, and predictive dialing modes.
• Call-backs priorities fully configurable.
• Filtering of busy signals, faxes, answering machines, and wrong numbers.
• Call blending for inbound/outbound operations.
• VoIP protocol: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Predictive dialer adapts instantly to changing conditions and ensures that answered calls are connected within one second.

A user-friendly software, Deepija's

Predictive Dialer software

is easy to install, operate and upgrade, Being web-based, they are flexible as well.

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