ConVox Dialer for Android

ConVox Dialer for Android

ConVox app for your call centre don't need a complex and costly call centre set up to manage your Tele-Calling. Just download an Android App and it will do everything for you. You can improve you sales numbers and get the best output from your Tele-Calling team. Team leaders can use advance web based monitoring and reporting tools to access the live feedback of your team's performance. Features included here are Centralized monitoring of your, agents,online/offline mode i.e.Agent can operate without connecting to the server, Synchronized update facility in Centralized Server, Real time sales and attendance monitoring, Multi location management facility, 100% recording of all agent communication, Best suited for "work from home" agent, comprehensive reporting with graphical representation.

How it works

Agents download an Android App in their Mobile/ Tablet. They login in centralized server through this App. Once logged in, they get the data from the server. Agent can see the customer details on the screen and start making calls. When call is completed, agent dispose the call (like Call Back, Sales, Not Interested etc.) and moves to next call.
Administrator logs in the server. He can see the dash board with live status of calling agents and active phone number lists. He can take live reports of calls done, agent performance, recordings, calling list performance or dispositions. He can also upload the calling list or force logout any agent.

Live Monitoring

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