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ConVox Call Center Solutions

ConVox Contact Center Solutions help businesses meet and exceeds the service level expectations of their custom-ers, while driving employee productivity and controlling operational costs. Whether you have a large contact center with multiple sites, or are simply looking for a more efficient way of sharing calls amongst a team, Deepija Telecom has the solutions you need to manage and grow your business.

First call resolution: Route calls to the most appropriately skilled agent based on a variety of criteria, including customer identity or information collected by interactive voice response (IVR).

Spot call trends:Understand what is happening with calls and spot trends over time to ensure efficient operations.

Build an effective team:Equip the team tasked with managing calls with the tools they need to deliver efficient and effective service to their customers.

Comprehensive reporting:Route calls to the most appropriately skilled agent based on a variety of criteria, including customer identity or information collected by interactive voice response (IVR).

Tools to simplify management:

Fit and scale:

Next Generation Technology for your Inbound/ Outbound/ Blended Contact Center ConVox presents a versatile platform for Inbound/ Outbound/ Blended Call Center. ConVox can be used for domestic (Analog/ ISDN trunk lines) and international (Using VoIP trunks) call centers. ConVox redefines the way a traditional call center works with the effective use of VoIP technology. Users get all the feature of advance call center and much more for a much lower price than traditional call centers. With completely web based management you can operate your call center from anywhere from the world. Reports can be customized to any extent to exactly sute your process. Users get all the feature of advance Call Center Solutions and much more for a much lower price than traditional call centers. With completely web based management you can operate your call center from anywhere from the world. Reports can be customized to any extent to exactly Call Center Software suite your process.

Setup features of ConVox CCS

Modular Solution ConVox is a modular solution consist of Switching, Application and Database servers are on single server or multiple servers, based on load requirements.

Integrated CTI Server Inbuilt features, agent screen pop-up’s based on caller ID received and IVRS interaction of caller.

Preview Dialing Feature providing Auto dialing from screen as per requirement by user. This features facilitates agent to view the details of number to be dialed.

Predictive Dialing is based on pacing ratio.

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) is an integrated module provid-ing state-of-the-art inbound call routing capabilities to multiple agents based on business rules.

Integrated Voice Logger Application server has inbuilt voice logging. All the incoming and outgoing calls are rec-orded. Applicable per setup.

Scalability Solution can be scaled from 5 seats to 1000+ seats by using multiple servers.

Disposition management Disposition management feature provides the ability to set and assign various disposi-tions as per business requirement.

Reporting feature allowing access to various reports generated by system.

Multiple Processes Feature allowing multiple processes within same server. Outbound Campaigns, Inbound pro-cess or blended. All can exist together.

SMS and Email configuration is easier to define multiple templates and link those templates to particular disposition. Closing the call with that disposition will send the SMS to Customer Primary Number and email will send to the E-Mail ID available in the CRM fields.

Sending Manual SMS Sending SMS manually from CRM is also possible - Manual SMS option at process level can enable this feature for agents.

Channel Restriction Channel Restriction is available at Process Level in Predictive Mode, we can define number of channels per process. System will allow only that number of channels to dial the number for that process irrespec-tive of total available channels.


ConVox gives robust performance and requires minimum hardware for its operation. No need to spend on costly hardware or OS. This makes ConVox best suited to your budget.

Inbuilt EPABX Inbuilt IP- PBX. No need to get external PBX.

Hand free calling Agent stations can use headphones for hands free operation.

Server scalability ConVox can setup in a cluster of servers. New servers can be added for additional capacity requirement. While existing servers can be re-used.

OS Free Clients Client machines can use Windows/ Linux/ Mac Os.

Agent Terminals (Low end PCs) Computer machines with P4+ and 512 MB RAM with 80 GB HDD

Calling Device Options Agent Terminals can use one of the three options. 1) IP Phones 2)Softphones with Headphones 3) Analog phones with extension Box.


ConVox enables seamless connectivity with verity of options

Use Existing PBX Can be integrated with any brand of PBX on IP (SIP) extensions or ISDN PRI extensions.

GSM Trunking GSM SIMs Can be used as tunk lines for making or receiving calls.

VoIP Trunking VoIP (SIP) can be configured for making or receiving calls. No additional hardware needed.

Agent Terminals on IP Agent Terminals are connected to the application server on IP network.

No Telephone Cableing Agent terminals can use IP-Phones or Softphones for calling. No need to do RJ14 cabling.

Monitoring Tools

ConVox lets you monitor almost everything in your call center...Agnets, Servers, Queues, Telecom Connections..

Auto Dialer Status Real time monitoring of: Leads to be Dialed, Pacing, Buffer Level, Leads in Buffer, etc.

Queue Status Real time Queue monitoring as waiting calls, abondoned Calls, Answered Calls, Etc. for each Queue.

Process Status Gives Real time Process of Agent, Last Call time, OnCall Que, Calls Waiting, etc.

Agent Monitoring Shows Realtime agent Status as Idle, OnCall, WrapUp, Waiting Calls and more.

System Status Realtime monitoring of load of Process and RAM utilization on the Server.

PRI State Monitor Live display of PRI lines Alarm status

ConVox Web Pannel - Applicable for IT Administrator

Telecom Devices Status Check Server Status, Hard Disk, RAM and CPU utilization.

Main Stats total up time, Network Stats, CPU Utilization, Load Average, Memory Utilization, Space utilised on HDD and more.

SIP Users Stats Gives list of sip user online, Offline, Monitored, Unmonitored stats, SIP Registry Stats, SIP Channels Stat.

Asterisk Gives realtime status of Total Active Calls, Has spl privilage to execute Asterisk commands, Logs, and settings.


Agent Analysis Agent Daily Login Report, Agent Weekly Login Report, Agent Custom Login Report, Agent Dialy Performance Report, Agent Hourly Performance Report, Agent Custom Performance Report, Agent Disposition Report

Process Analysis Reports Hourly Process Report, Daily Process Report, Predictive Outbound Report

Call Traffic Analysis Reports Call Recording Report, Hourly Call Hits, Daily Call Hits

CRM Analysis ReportsDump Report

Custom report creation Applicable for Setup.

IVRS Tools

IVRS Studio let the users design their own IVRS. One can make any level and any number of IVRS.

Audio Files User can upload Recorded files to be announced with IVRS.

Recording Studio User can create the Voice Files for IVRS using a phone call. This feature is very useful for adding emergency announcements and dymamically changing IVRS.

IVR User can crate and manage IVR Flow to any level.

Custom IVR Applications* Feature to add custom IVR Applications. This comes under customization and applicable when database interaction is needed.

Agent Side Feature

Anywhere Login Agents can log in from any station(Extension). They need to run the web browser and login to the ConVox server

No software required on agent machine ConVox does not need any software to be installed at the agent terminal. This gives flexibility to use any OS at client side or just the thin clients.

Agent Rights - Configurable User can define agent options like Recent Call list display, His Followups, Queues

along with priority, Manual dialing and process he belongs to.

Agent Screen Pop-up Screen pop-up displays the caller's information when agent receives the call.

Agent Screen Pop-up-Scripts User defined HTML scripts can be shown with the agent pop-up.

Agent Screen Pop-up- Configurable CRM Pop-up CRM screens can be designed by the user for each process.

Agent Screen Pop-up- Multi Tab display User can design multiple tabs for display and order them based on process requirement.

Agent Screen Pop-up - Dispositions for interactions Outcome of Agent interaction with customer is specified as disposition. User can define the dispositions for each process.

Agent Screen Pop-up - Update Customer data Agent pop-up CRM can take Agent's input and update the customer record in the system on closure of the call.

Call Conferencing Agent can do the party call conferencing using screen controls.

Transfer calls to another user An Agent can transfer the ongoing call with complete pop-up details to another agent.

Manual dialing Feature for agent to manually dial calls directly from system as per agent requirements. This privilege is configurable.

Redial No need to worry if call gets disconnected during the conversation. Now ConVox3.0 come up with the Redial feature at Agent Level If call get disconnected, agent can able to redial the previous call and can continue his conversation.


ConVox ACD Automatic Call Distribution enables routing of incoming calls to the logged-in agents. Calls are first placed in the call queue and then distributed to agents based on their skill group.

DID (Called Number) wise routing to process. DID (Called number ) can be associated to a process to route all the calls coming to that number to some particular agent group/ groups.

Call Routing - Scheduler ConVox handles the calls based on Time of the Day, Day of the Week, Holidays etc.

Call Routing - Voice Mail Calls can be routed to the system Voice Mail, when no agent is available to take the call. Now Voice Mail Recording Reports are available in ConVox3.0 Admin can fetch the voice mail recordings through Reports tab - Call Hits Daily or Call Hits Hourly Report.

Call Routing - External Number Calls can be diverted to external number based on scheduler.

Call Routing - IVRS Based on business requirement, Calls can be taken by IVRS based on a schedule or simply a DID.

Skill Based Routing ConVox allows to define multiple skill groups. An agent can be a part of more than one queue with assigned

priority. For Example An agent has primary skill as English speaking but if all the agents belong to Hindi group are busy, he can take the calls for Hindi speaking customer.

Caller ID Routing Calls from Privileged/ Specific customers can be routed to specific queue.

Call Queuing and Queue waiting message Multiple queues can be created and their queue message can be configured based on business requirement.


User Configurable CRM ConVox admin can design the CRM screen for Agent Pop-UP. Lebels can be given and drop-down items can be added through admin screen.

Process Wise CRM CRM screens (Agent Popup Screen) can be designed for Every Process. Agent pop up will come based on the process he is logging in.

CRM Mandatory Fields CRM fields can be marked as a Mandatory fields. Option has been given to Administrator to make any CRM field as a mandatory field. Agent cannot close the call with out putting value in mandatory fields.

List Management - Lead Search is easier in ConVox3.0 Administrator can able to search the lead details using customer phone number or name. Clicking on the Lead will give you the call history of that particular lead.

Number Masking ConVox3.0 is now more secure in terms of misusing data. Masking Feature is available at Process level. We can prevent agent to see the phone number so that data will be more secure i.e., High level security is maintained in encrypted format (•••••••••••)

Supervisor Side Feature

Supervisor's Access Rights System access rights of a Supervisor can be defined for each module while creating/ modifying the supervisor. For example -A supervisor can be given only monitoring rights where supervisor can create users for his process/ processes.

Process Monitoring Supervisor can see live graphical display of logged in agents, in call agents, call durations etc. They can also see waiting calls for a queue or for a process.

Queue Monitoring Queue statuses like calls received, call made, abandoned for a particular queue can be seen live.

Auto Dialer Monitoring Auto dialer status like leads remaining, leads used, pacing and missed calls can be monitored.

External and Internal Barge-In A supervisor can listen to the live calls within the LAN or from outside using his mobile phone.

Lead Search

Outbound Features

Predictive and Preview Modes ConVox can be configured for preview and predictive outbound dialing mode. These are two different modes of auto dialing, which can be chosen based on the business case.

CRM Configuration and Selection CRM can be designed and selected for each outbound process. When call lands on the agent desk(in predictive or preview mode). System pops-up the same CRM.

Lead List (Calling Number) Management Multiple lists can be uploaded for single process. System shows real time statuses like number of leads, to be dialed and dialed leads. Lists can be activated, deactivated on the fly based on process requirements.

Lead Re-Attempts This feature allows automatically set the number of call attempts for failed calls in a list. User can select dispositions and number of re-attempts and time interval.

Auto-WrapUp A Process can be cofigured for number of seconds for Auto Wrap-up. After the call finishes, agents will automatically become available for next call after configured number of seconds.

Multiple number dialing (chasing) Feature to define multiple (upto 5) phone numbers for a single lead. System will keep trying the next phone number if primery number is not connected.

DND This feature allows to upload the list of numbers which are not to be called. Agents can also dispose a call as DND so that it is not called next time. However, for national DND lists, it is recommended to scrub the DND numbers, before uploading the lists.

xternal Chat

Your website visitors can chat with your contact center agents and ConVox takes care of this

Integrated Chat Module Chat Module is fully integrated with the Agent Screen. An agent can take calls or chat using the same interface.

Website Plug-in Chat requests can be received from websites through a plugin. These request can be routed to the agents who are logged in the chat process.

Subscript Recording Chat sessions are recorded. All the Chat Subscripts are logged.

Chat ACD Chat requests are distributed based on least busy logic. New chat request will be forwarded to the agent who is free for the longest time.

Enabling Communication Applications