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With the increase in choices of farm inputs, pesticides, herbicides, high yielding varieties of seeds, a farmer today requires guidance of expert agriculturists more than anything else. At the same time he needs to have a information system that updates him ongoing market prices of crops and seeds. They need some one with whom they can share their crop related issues and learn preventive measures. There is a need for an interactive information system that enables farmers to have direct discussions with the subject matter experts who are able to analyze the problem effectively and provide the solution directly.

Deepija has a prominent role in the agriculture field, provided an IVRS which runs on External Voice Modem, Farmers requirements can be solved by reacting & acting upon the IVRS.

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iKisan is an agricultural portal, a one-stop information resource for farmers. iKisan provides online, detailed content on crops, crop management techniques, fertilizers & pesticides and a host of other agriculture related material.

iKisan has deployed an IVRS solution for farmers in more than 10 locations all across AP. This solution has been designed, deployed and maintained by Deepija.

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