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Health Care

Health Care

Helping those in need requires a robust and reliable solution. Contact center solution need to provide the best performance in critical times. Either to follow up on the patients treatment progress or just to be available to schedule medical appointments, healthcare organizations must be equipped with the right tools. Hospitals are using IVR system for confirming/rescheduling an appointment of patients.

Deepija has provided a Health Insurance card from the Star Health and Allied Insurance company Limited to all its employees, Hence giving a well possible protection to all the Employees of Deepija.

About Customer

L V Prasad Eye Hospital

L V Prasad Eye Institute is a comprehensive eye health facility located in Hyderabad. A World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Prevention of Blindness, the Institute offers comprehensive patient care, sight enhancement and rehabilitation services and high-impact rural eye health programs. Deepija helps Healthcare organizations to extend their presence in the Virtual world.

Problem – Huge number of appointment calls are difficult to handle and inefficient call handling results in more time per call.

Solution – L.V. Prasad Eye institute uses Deepija’s IVRS application integrated with ConVox Call Center Solution for centralized management of scheduling medical appointments for all their branches.


They have well managed Appointment process with IVRS integrated with call center. Patients are now happy as they get the vital appointment information on call all the time. Number of Call Attendants at the hospital reduced to half, with lesser workload.

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