Advancements in Telecom and IT has big role to play in Petroleum Distribution. Easy and transparent access to information is very important due to monopoly of state owned companies in this sector.

Deepija’s Solution

Deepija provided the Petroleum Distribution Booking through IVRS

Package Inculdes

  • Automation of Petroleum distribution process .
  • Automation of Order Booking.
  • Automation of Truck Trip Planning.
  • Automation of Dispatch Process.
  • Customizable to any extent to exactly suite your requirements.

Benefit for Dealers

  • Save time and efforts of manual indent booking. Hence increase productivity.
  • Better service standards for dealers result in increased business.
  • Fast and Accurate booking. No human errors possible.
  • High level security in indent booking as 4 digit PIN number is needed apart from dealer code.
  • Judicious Truck Trip Planning as L1, L2 and RTKM is displayed at Truck selection.
  • Auto generation of Indent number based on date and index.

Benefit for petroleum Terminal

  • 24X7 booking of indents, helps them to place an order whenever they are comfortable.
  • Dealers can check the status of their indent any number of times without bothering any person.
  • Fast and Accurate booking. No human errors in booking.
  • Dealers can change their indent any number of times before Truck Planning.
  • Greater transparency in the indent booking process. All the dealers are treated equally.
  • Dealer can voice their complains and suggestions directly to the top management

System Components

  • IVRS for Indent Booking and Status Enquiry.
  • IVRS for changing Indent after Booking and Before Truck planning.
  • IVRS for Recording Complaints and Suggestions.
  • Dealer Database Management.
  • Truck Database Management.
  • Truck RTKM Monitoring.
  • Order Filling/ Truck Trip Planning.
  • Dispatch/ Dispatch Report Printing.
  • System Reports.


  • Indent Booking Report for Dispatched Indents
  • Indent Booking Report for Booked Indents
  • Call Data Reports for calls on IVRS
  • Listen Interface for Suggestions and Complains
  • Truck RTKM Report
  • Print Preview and Print options for all Reports

Benefits of Petroleum Processing

Adapts to Your Business

  • Supports numerous point-of-sale hardware and software configuration
  • Meets requirements of the major hardware and software providers

Offers Your Customers More Ways to Pay

  • Enables you to accept most widely used forms of payment including credit cards, ATM and PIN-secured debit cards and EBT
  • Allows you to accept fleet cards including Visa® fleet, MasterCard® fleet, Voyager and Wright Express®

Process Sales Quickly, Accurately and Securely

  • Reliable, high-performance payment solution
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • Shorter customer wait times – average payment authorization takes just seconds

Complete Service and Support

  • Experienced customer service professionals
Enabling Communication Applications