Missed Call

Missed Call

In a world where attention spans are rapidly shortening, smart companies spare no effort in contacting their leads quickly. ConVox MissedCall automatically connects you to leads as soon as they express their interest in your offering.
It’s good news for your business when a lead shows an active interest in your products/services and wants to be contacted. However, the final outcome largely depends on how soon you contact the lead. Research shows that if a lead is called within 5 minutes of submission, the odds of contacting the lead are 100 times higher and the odds of qualifying the lead are 21 times higher, versus calling the lead in 30 minutes. For a business that relies on inbound calls to its call center, the lead’s call is taken by a call center agent who understands the need, qualifies the lead and passes it on to the relevant sales representative, and then the lead has to wait till he/she is contacted. ConVox Missed Call is an intelligent telephony service that connects a prospect as soon as he/she expresses an interest in your offering to the relevant sales representative.

How It Works

ConVox MissedCall is powered by the Deepija’s ConVox Intelligent Telephony platform that is designed to integrate telephony intelligently with customer databases, applications and processes. When you subscribe to this service, you can incorporate an instant call-back mechanism on your website and advertisements. For example, a visitor on your website can enter his/her number and preferred date & time of call in an input box on the website. As soon as the visitor presses the ‘Submit’ button on the website, whoever picks up the call first is notified through an IVR message that there is a prospect interested in a product/service. As soon as your representative signals acceptance (by pressing a button on the dialpad), the lead is connected in the call. You can also have leads place call-back requests through SMS and missed calls.


  • MissedCall connection with interested prospects leading to significantly higher sales closures
  • Enables a professional lead response system without expensive investments in call center infrastructure and resources
  • Call-back requests by leads accepted through multiple modes (Web, SMS, Missed Call)
  • Call-back requests can be categorized and routed accordingly
  • Detailed MIS data on leads and sales representatives taking the calls for efficient lead management
  • Call recording option for monitoring quality of interactions
  • Zero capital expenditure
  • Aids in building a professional, responsive image for your brand

If you want your business to significantly increase its lead management and sales efficiencies the way smart companies across the world are doing, why wait? Get in touch with us today.
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