Voice Logger
PRI Voice Logger Overview
A comprehensive and versatile solution for conversation recording in difference types of telecommunication channels.

PRI Voice Logger

an be used for training and quality management at Call Centers, as an add on to office communication equipment or as a legal proof for share trading on phone.

Features of PRI Voice Logger

  • Complete Conversation Recording for all incoming/ outgoing calls
  • Remote maintenance support through Internet
  • Recording can be done in serial or parellal mode for analog and PRI interfaces
  • Play Pre-Recorded message like “Thanks for calling ABC. This call can be recorded for quality …”. This feature is applicable only at serial recording setup.
  • Recording is done in system hard disk. No file size limitation.
  • Caller ID support
  • Web based configuration management and Reporting
  • Extensions wise reports
  • Message play before recording
  • Compressed Recording in WAV49 format (10% of WAV file), can be played on any windows medial player).
  • Scalability of the solution.
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Setup Diagram
Enabling Communication Applications